Maritime Activity Center

Sub­mit­ted by Pat­ti Brooks, Board
of Direc­tor mem­ber with focus on
our edu­ca­tion­al offerings

The Mis­sis­sip­pi Mar­itime Muse­um
part­nered with the Pascagoula
Recre­ation Depart­ment this
sum­mer to present our Young
Mariner Sum­mer Mar­itime
We host­ed four age groups on
three days each week from the
first week of June until the last
week of July. The lessons, crafts,
and activ­i­ties were designed
around a vari­ety of mar­itime
Dur­ing week one, lessons
dealt with using, read­ing, and
inter­pret­ing mar­itime maps
con­clud­ing with the chil­dren
cre­at­ing their own trea­sure map.
Week two was an exten­sion of
week one as the chil­dren learned
how mariners used the stars to
nav­i­gate con­clud­ing with the
chil­dren illus­trat­ing Ursa Minor
(or Lit­tle Bear/Little Dip­per) and
In week 3, each group designed
and test­ed alu­minum foil boats
to see how much weight each
could sup­port. They test­ed boats
of var­i­ous sizes and shapes while
learn­ing about buoy­an­cy and the
cen­ter point of grav­i­ty.
Dur­ing week 4, we wel­comed a
guest, Becky Hard­grove from the
USM Marine Edu­ca­tion Cen­ter to
explain “What makes a fish a fish?”

We taught cast net-throw­ing and
the chil­dren also made fish
prints using real fish and ink
while learn­ing about an ancient
Japan­ese method called gyotaku.
In week 5, we con­tin­ued learn­ing
about marine ani­mals and made
pup­pets of var­i­ous marine
ani­mals con­clud­ing with a camper
devel­oped pup­pet show.
Week 6 wel­comed scout leader,
Mrs. Mar­garet; two Eagle Scouts,
Cay­den and Collin; and two
Life Scouts, Owen and Pre­ston.
They worked with the chil­dren
demon­strat­ing how to tie nau­ti­cal
knots. We wrapped up our fun
sum­mer time fun with addi­tion­al
activ­i­ties on marine life and vis­its
from the Coast Guard. The Coast
Guard brought along their 29 foot
boat to teach boat­ing safe­ty!
As time allowed, the chil­dren
worked on incor­po­rat­ing prob­lem
solv­ing, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and
sci­ence skills. This has been
an excit­ing and edu­ca­tion­al
part­ner­ship to bring chil­dren into
the Activ­i­ty Center.

This is a standard training we host every month

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