Ingalls Shipyard began in 1938

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Pioneered the all-welded ships (vs. riveted), smooth sides, stronger construction

  • Escort Carriers
  • Seaplane Tender
  • Troop Carrier
  • Destroyer Tender
  • Combat Loaded Transport
  • Amphibious Attack Transport
  • Vehicle Landing Ship
  • C-3 Cargo Ships


Over 60 ships built for US Navy in WWII

From WWII to today – one of America’s premier shipyards

LST, LSD, Attack Submarines (diesel & nuclear), Icebreaker, Refrigerated Stores Ship,

Destroyer, Radar Ship, Submarine Tender, Amphibious Assault Ship,

Amphibious Transport Dock, Guided Missile Destroyer, Guided Missile Cruiser,

Ammunition Ship, Coast Guard Cutter

Mississippi-built ships have served in every conflict from WWI thru today’s War on Terrorism

Many still on active duty such as the USS Kidd & USS Mobile Bay – recently in action against pirates

Other Mississippi shipyards such as VT Halter also produce ships for the US – science & exploration



Ingalls Shipbuilding is Mississippi’s largest employer and has been for many years

Thousands of citizens have worked there (and other shipyards) to produce the ships that defend US.

During WWII, Vera Anderson became Mississippi’s own version of “Rosie the Riveter,” going on to become a two-time national welding champion.

Multi-generations of ship-building families


Read extended history and get more information On HII from the Wikipedia site:

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