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Mississippi Maritime Museum under development in Pascagoula hires its first director

PASCAGOULA, Mis­sis­sip­pi  Dec. 9, 2020 — The Mis­sis­sip­pi Mar­itime Muse­um, cur­rent­ly in devel­op­ment in Pascagoula, has announced the hir­ing of Lor­ren West as its first exec­u­tive direc­tor. “I am excit­ed to set sail in my new role as Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of Mis­sis­sip­pi Mar­itime Muse­um,” West said. “This oppor­tu­ni­ty allows me to bring together…

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National Maritime Day
May 22, 2021  9:30 AM — 12:00 PM

Location: 600 Beach Blvd

MSMM Red Cross Blood Drive

We had 17 donors, saved 45 lives. it was a fun afternoon.

August Summer Lecture Series

Both events will be held at the Mar­itime Activ­i­ties Cen­ter (609 Dupont Avenue, Pascagoula) with FREE admission!

Top­ics for the talk are as follows:

  1. Lega­cy of the For­est and Rivers – A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture about the his­to­ry of the Pascagoula Riv­er, Escataw­pa Riv­er and all the creeks and the eco­nom­ic impor­tance of the for­est prod­ucts that have devel­oped Jack­son Coun­ty. Among the many prod­ucts man­u­fac­tured were, lum­ber, spars, masts & booms, plank­ing, shin­gles, boats, tugs, barges and ships, char­coal, tar, rail­road ties, tur­pen­tine, lime, home­made prod­ucts, plus the agri­cul­tur­al prod­ucts that were used in commerce.
  2. Sawmill His­to­ry in Jack­son Coun­ty– A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture about the hun­dreds of sawmills along the creeks and rivers and the many men who devel­oped and built them. The 1852 hur­ri­cane that brought about the devel­op­ment of the three BIG sawmills in 1853 and spurred on the build­ing of large lum­ber schooners.
  3. Ear­ly Ship­build­ing in Jack­son Coun­ty (1) — A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture on the boats, schooners, tugs, barges, steam­boats, and ships built from 1699 until about 1860. Hun­dreds of ship car­pen­ters and the incred­i­ble Steam­boat era of the Gulf Coast.
  4. Ear­ly Ship­build­ing in Jack­son Coun­ty (2) — A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture on ves­sels and ships built from about 1860 to the last Wood­en Ships of World War I. Plus a sum­ma­ry of many boat­builders and ship­yards that have been suc­cess­ful in Jack­son Coun­ty, since 1900.
  5. From 1936, The WPA, PWA and The Woolen Mill – A Pow­er­Point pro­gram and lec­ture about the Gov­ern­ment assis­tant pro­grams  that built the woolen mill, many schools, post offices, health depart­ments, the ply­wood plant, the con­tracts for five steel barges and to the 1936 Amer­i­can Mer­chant Marine Act that brought Ingalls to the Pascagoula Riv­er. Some impor­tant Port History.
  6. Paths, Trails, Fer­ries, Bridges, Rail­roads and the Infra­struc­ture of Jack­son Coun­ty – A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture on the his­to­ry of our way of trav­el by land.  The pro­gres­sive devel­op­ment from the first Post Roads and Fer­ries to the lat­est bridges and high­ways. The devel­op­ment of sea­walls, the first rail­road, tele­graph, tele­phone, and electricity.
  7. The Vision­ar­ies – A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and lec­ture on the ear­li­est coun­ty men and women who were the movers and shak­ers who caused the devel­op­ment of indus­tries, the cities, and com­mu­ni­ties, cre­at­ing jobs and with a vision for bet­ter edu­ca­tion and infrastructure.
  8. Ingalls – Facts and sum­ma­ry — A Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion and sum­ma­ry of the ves­sels built plus many inter­est­ing facts.
  9. 1912 The Paper Mill – A Pow­er­Point pro­gram and lec­ture on the estab­lish­ment of the South­ern Paper Com­pa­ny in 1912 and the many devel­op­ments in eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment and employment.
  10. Read­ing, Writ­ing, and Arith­metic, Who held the hick­o­ry stick? A Pow­er­Point pro­gram on the devel­op­ment of edu­ca­tion in Jack­son Coun­ty.  The ear­li­est record­ed schools and teach­ers. The avail­abil­i­ty of school records in the Singing Riv­er Geneal­o­gy and Local His­to­ry Library and Archives for fam­i­ly research. Shar­ing the val­ue of school records in fam­i­ly histories.

Annual Membership Meeting — February 20, 2015

Senator Trent Lott

Sen­a­tor Trent Lott

Sen­a­tor Trent Lott spoke to the Mis­sis­sip­pi Mar­itime Muse­um Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship mem­bers on Feb­ru­ary 20, 2015 at the Hilton Gar­den Inn in Pascagoula.  Vis­i­tors and mem­bers heard the Sen­a­tor speak on the impor­tance of the mar­itime indus­try to Mississippi.

  • Lt. Gov­er­nor, Tate Reeves at the chris­ten­ing of the USS John P. Murtha