Early Ship Lists (circa1938)

Con­tributed by Else Martin
The New Orleans Ship Lists of very ear­ly years were tran­scribed by WPA in 1938. This was the record of ves­sels that entered the Port of New Orleans. There is only one set of these tran­scrip­tions and they are in the New Orleans Research Library. The orig­i­nal records are at LSU. I spent a few days going through the sev­en vol­umes and copied hun­dreds of records of ves­sels built on the Pascagoula Riv­er, in Jack­son Coun­ty, in Pascagoula, in Moss Point, and Biloxi Back Bay and oth­er Gulf Coast loca­tions. I have record­ed these into a time line. Oh how I wish we had pho­tos or sketch­es of all these ves­sels. Here is one example.

Mississippi Maritime Museum's photo.