FUN FACT: In 1973 co-workers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claimed they were abducted by aliens while fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi.

On the evening of Octo­ber 11, 1973, 42-year-old Charles Hick­son and 19-year-old Calvin Park­er told the Jack­son Coun­ty, Mis­sis­sip­pi Sher­if­f’s office they were fish­ing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula Riv­er in Mis­sis­sip­pi when they heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flash­ing blue lights, and observed an oval shaped object 30–40 feet across and 8–10 feet high. Park­er and Hick­son claimed they were “con­scious but par­a­lyzed” while three “crea­tures” with “robot­ic slit-mouths” and “crab-like pin­cers” took them aboard the object and sub­ject­ed them to an exam­i­na­tion. Read more