Capt. DANIEL PICKETT — of Pascagoula

(Ances­tor of the Pick­ett family)

1826–1827 He owned the SCHOONER MARIA.

MARIA was first doc­u­ment­ed on Bay­ou St. John in 1820’s and was list­ed as BUILT in 1821 at EAST PASCAGOULA.

Descrip­tion: 30 66/95 tons, 49 feet x 14 feet 2 inch­es, 1 deck, 2 masts, square stern.

(1) Enrolled No. 76, August 11, 1821 with then own­er list­ed as Evariste Blanc of Bay­ou St. John. Mas­ter, Fran­cois Ferrand.

(2) Enrolled No. 15, Port of Madis­onville, Feb. 7, 1822.

Own­er David B. Mor­gan of St. Tam­many Parish, La.

Mas­ter John Harman.

(3) Reg­is­tered Port of Pearling­ton, Miss. March 2, 1826.

Own­er and Mas­ter DANIEL PICKETT, Jack­son Co., MIss.

(4) 1827 Mer­chant ves­sel, “Schooner MARIA of PASCAGOULA”, 31 tons, own­er D. S. Pick­ett, docked on Lake Erie at Cleve­land, Ohio.


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