To Hell with the Kaiser! (Alpaco launches ahead of time)

Con­tributed by Else Martin

JULY 6, 1918 — 97 YEARS AGO in MOSS POINT!
Post card pho­to of the “Alpa­co” from the fam­i­ly of Mack Hobdy-
“To Hell with the Kaiser!” “Let’s launch the good ship ALPACO ahead of sched­ule!” 1918 – Launched by The HODGE SHIP YARD in Moss Point .

The Pascagoula Chron­i­cle, July 6, 1918.
1917 — 1918 Unit­ed States Emer­gency Fleet Corp.,
Dant­zler Ship­build­ing & Dry­dock Co.
& Hodge Ship­yard — Moss Point

Moss Point became a larg­er indus­tri­al cen­ter when two ship­yards were estab­lished there in 1917 under the Unit­ed States Emer­gency Fleet Cor­po­ra­tion. Wood­en car­go ves­sels, the famous “lib­er­ty ships,” were con­struct­ed to car­ry sup­plies of the “arse­nal of democ­ra­cy” to Europe. The Dant­zler Ship­build­ing and Dry­dock Com­pa­ny was locat­ed on the extreme tip of Moss Point, and the Hodges Ship­yard was locat­ed on Beardslee’s Lake.” One res­i­dent said, “Peo­ple from all over Mis­sis­sip­pi and the South crowd­ed our town.”

Ref­er­ence Jour­nal of Mis­sis­sip­pi His­to­ry, Ship­build­ing on the Pascagoula Riv­er, Wm Lar­ry Ziglar, p 4 and F. W. Cir­lot, His­tor­i­cal Sketch of Moss Point, Miss., The Pascagoula Chron­i­cle, May 19, 1917.

Mississippi Maritime Museum's photo.