1963 & ’65 Polaris Submarine Tenders

Contributed by Else Martin

The $35 million contract for 2 U. S. Navy Polaris Submarine Tenders. A vital link in support of the U. S. Navy’s Polaris Weapons System. Capable of making any submarine repair, servicing and maintaining the nuclear power plants of the Polaris-firing subs.

1963 USS Holland (AS-32) Polaris Submarine Tender (photo)
1965 USS Canopus (AS-34) Polaris Submarine Tender

Mississippi Maritime Museum's photo.
Mississippi Maritime Museum's photo.

L-R Fred J. Mayo, Ingalls President, Capt. John B. Guerry, Navy Supv. of Shipbuilding at Ingalls, and E. R. Hammett, Ingalls Senior Vice President.