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New Maritime History Series Beginning April 19, 2018!

This series begins with the early history of our River Pascagoula, plus the Escatawpa River and all the creeks that flow into the Pascagoula.  This includes the history of the earliest manufacturing that created the economy derived from the surrounding forest.

Starting with the first serial (above) of 10, below is a summary of each of the serials. Dates for remaining serials will be announced once established.

  1. Legacy of the Forest and Rivers (April 19, 2018)– A PowerPoint presentation and lecture about the history of the Pascagoula River, Escatawpa River and all the creeks and the economic importance of the forest products that have developed Jackson County. Among the many products manufactured were, lumber, spars, masts & booms, planking, shingles, boats, tugs, barges and ships, charcoal, tar, railroad ties, turpentine, lime, homemade products, plus the agricultural products that were used in commerce.
  2. Sawmill History in Jackson County– A PowerPoint presentation and lecture about the hundreds of sawmills along the creeks and rivers and the many men who developed and built them. The 1852 hurricane that brought about the development of the three BIG sawmills in 1853 and spurred on the building of large lumber schooners.
  3. Early Shipbuilding in Jackson County (1) – A PowerPoint presentation and lecture on the boats, schooners, tugs, barges, steamboats, and ships built from 1699 until about 1860. Hundreds of ship carpenters and the incredible Steamboat era of the Gulf Coast.
  4. Early Shipbuilding in Jackson County (2) – A PowerPoint presentation and lecture on vessels and ships built from about 1860 to the last Wooden Ships of World War I. Plus a summary of many boatbuilders and shipyards that have been successful in Jackson County, since 1900.
  5. From 1936, The WPA, PWA and The Woolen Mill – A PowerPoint program and lecture about the Government assistant programs  that built the woolen mill, many schools, post offices, health departments, the plywood plant, the contracts for five steel barges and to the 1936 American Merchant Marine Act that brought Ingalls to the Pascagoula River. Some important Port History.
  6. Paths, Trails, Ferries, Bridges, Railroads and the Infrastructure of Jackson County – A PowerPoint presentation and lecture on the history of our way of travel by land.  The progressive development from the first Post Roads and Ferries to the latest bridges and highways. The development of seawalls, the first railroad, telegraph, telephone, and electricity.
  7. The Visionaries – A PowerPoint presentation and lecture on the earliest county men and women who were the movers and shakers who caused the development of industries, the cities, and communities, creating jobs and with a vision for better education and infrastructure.
  8. Ingalls – Facts and summary – A PowerPoint presentation and summary of the vessels built plus many interesting facts.
  9. 1912 The Paper Mill – A PowerPoint program and lecture on the establishment of the Southern Paper Company in 1912 and the many developments in economic development and employment.
  10. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, Who held the hickory stick? A PowerPoint program on the development of education in Jackson County.  The earliest recorded schools and teachers. The availability of school records in the Singing River Genealogy and Local History Library and Archives for family research. Sharing the value of school records in family histories.

Celebrating our local maritime industries
(click on links for more info):

Pascagoula Bar Pilots Association

Chevron – Pascagoula

Huntington Ingalls – Pascagoula

NOAA – Pascagoula

Omega Protein – Moss Point

Signet Maritime Corporation – Pascagoula

VT Halter Marine – Pascagoula

World Marine – Pascagoula

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"A Maritime History of the Mississippi Coast"
by Dr. Chris Wiggins
Now Available

Please follow the link to access the site that describes Dr. Wiggins' historical narrative of the Mississippi Maritime industry and other significant works: http://www.doctorwiggins.com/

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Do You Know Ships?

This will be a series of items, evolving over time, detailing the types of ships that are known by most locals in the vicinities of the cities listed in Jackson County, Mississippi (About > Jackson County, MS > City List).  The first installment is shown below.  There will be several more installments to come.  Stay tuned!

Below are some ship classifications – coming in installments – that will be the focus of the Mississippi Maritime Museum’s (MMM) exhibits, lectures, media promotions and the like.  All of the information below comes from select Wikipedia pages that appear to be updated on a fairly regular basis.  From the Jackson County Mississippi area have come a long line of boats, ships, schooners, and other marine vessels of varying shapes and sizes from wherever there was water available.  And, the list keeps growing.  The ones shown below are primarily from one of the larger shipbuilding industries such as Ingalls.

Spruance Destroyer (DD)

Ticonderoga (Aegis) Cruisers (CG)

Arleigh Burke Destroyer (DDG)

Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ships (LHD)

San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD)


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