Front Street, Pascagoula, MS

Con­tributed by Else Mar­tin Thanks to Jim Black­well for this great pho­to of Pel­ham’s on the water­front. Jim Black­well‎Pascagoula, Remem­ber when.….… Here us a pic­ture of J H Pel­ham Seafood and Lewis Sport­ing Goods.

Ticonderoga-Class Cruisers

Con­tributed by Else Mar­tin 1994 – Ingalls, 5 deliv­ered total 317 ves­sels deliv­ered to date. Jan 31 — USS Port Roy­al (CG 73) Aegis Guid­ed Mis­sile Cruis­er, U. S. Navy Pacif­ic Bat­tle­ship Cen­ter — Bat­tle­ship USS Iowa July 9th, 1994 — USS Port…
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Freight Schooner “Aberfoil”

Con­tributed by Else Mar­tin Aber­foil — Freight Schooner Built in Moss Point, Miss., 1919 Builder: Dant­zler Ship­yard Reg­is­tra­tion #220835 Descrip­tion: 267.3 Length, 46.0 breadth, 23.6 depth… Usage: Freight — Home­port: New York Dant­zler Ship­build­ing & Dry Docks Com­pa­ny Main Office &
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U.S.S. Constitution

Con­tributed by Else Mar­tin USS Con­sti­tu­tion added 2 new pho­tos. Take a look at the first offi­cial USS Con­sti­tu­tion com­mand pho­to tak­en in Dry Dock One locat­ed in Charlestown Navy Yard. HUZZAH!!!!